Kystriksveien 2008

Sommeren 2008 syklet jeg Kystriksveien fra Levanger til Bodø. Den turen har fått sine egne nettsider (ble laget før jeg satte opp sykkelbloggen).

Turen langs Kystriksveien 2008 ligger her:

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  1. Hi, we are planning Kystriksveien on July 2013 on bike. Our web is very nice and inspiring for us.
    We would like to start in Bodø and then continue to south. Return back to Bodø by train or Hurtigruten.
    Is there a lot of traffic? Last summer we spent on Lofoten by bike and there was a lot of cars, especially caravans.
    Thanks for answer.

    1. Hi Lea.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Kystriksveien (The coastal route) from Bodø to Steinkjer is a fantastic area for bicycling. Except for the first few km from Bodø to Saltstraumen there is really not a lot of traffic. There is a lot of ferries on the route and because of that the traffic comes in short «bursts». When the traffic that comes from the ferries has passed, you are almost completely alone on the road.

      If you plan to go back by «Hurtigruten» (very expensive) you must go all the way to Trondheim, but if you go back to Bodø by train you can ride to Steinkjer and take the train from there to Bodø. Make sure that it is the «Region» train so there is room for your bicycle on the train and also remember to buy train tickets for both yourself AND the bicycle some days in advance (or else there may be no space on the train for your bicycle).

      I have been bicycle touring Kystriksveien four times and I have been writing a travel-blog about the tour each time. There you can find maps of the route and also links to elevation curves for different parts of the route on Garmin Connect.

      You can find links to the tours on the top right side on my blog.

      You should also try to do some Island hopping and go via Dønna and Herøy when you go by Sandessjøen. If you got the time you should also try to visit Islands such as Lovund and Træna.

      You can get a free travel guide from in Norwegian, English or German. The English version for 2013 you can download from here: can be contacted for any questions you should have about bicycling touring Kystriksveien – it`s their job to help you 🙂

      Best regards
      Trygve Pløhn

  2. Hello,
    web I already know. I am looking for experience from somebody, who have visited this bike trail. I have brochure about Kystrikaveien for long time. I brought it from our visit Lofoten last year. Thanks for link to new one.
    Your web is fantastic, I have read a lot of pages where you wrote about your bike trip here. I used google translator to understand it.
    Thank you for your answer and for help to me.
    Can you please compare price for Hurtigruten and train? We are not sure where we will end our biking. I know that Hurtigruten stops along Kystriskveien in Rørvik, Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Ørnes.
    How long in advance is necessary to buy ticket for us and our bikes?

    1. Hi Lea.

      Before I start to answer your questions, let me first ask why you want to start and end your tour in Bodø?

      I am asking since Bodø is not that accessible when arriving from abroad. If you are going to fly to Norway just to ride Kystriksveien, I would think it is better to use Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes (TRD) as the starting- and endpoint for your tour. Then you can start your tour from the airport, bicycle north towards Bodø, and when your tour is finished, you can take the train directly from Bodø back south to Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes (TRD) and then fly home.

      How many days are you planning to use on the tour?


  3. Hi Trygve,
    thank you very much for your answer and spending your time with me and my questions.
    My answer and questions are on your mail. Thanks again.
    Best regards,

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